Setup Virtual Host with XAMPP in Windows OS

A virtual host can point to any folder on any drive of the system, it’s generally used to easily manage if we store all of our sites in a common location (like HTDOCS folder in case of XAMPP).

Virtual host also enables us to use “Preety URL” in our local development environment. Like:

We can Use:
Instead of: http://localhost/laravel5-test/public/

In short, virtual host enables us to point any directory or sub-directory by using our given (i.e. custom) URL format.
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JavaScript 101 – Lesson 08 – Digging into Loops


This part is a bit theoretical just like immediate previous lesson.

The loop actually means repeating codes. We can loop through any part of code as many times as we need to. Loops allow us to repeat code based upon a condition or a set of conditions. As long as the given condition is true, the loop will continue to repeat the same code over and over again. We can easily deal with arrays or big set of data through the loop.
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JavaScript 101 – Lesson 07 – Decision Making and Adding Intelligence


Okay, I’m back in this series after a break! Good to have you till this mark!

Most important things in writing software are making decisions. Decisions allows us to add intelligence in our software. Basically decision means, if certain criteria happen – then we want to do something. Otherwise, we might want to do something else. We can make our programs make decisions by writing conditional statements.

We need to know about some operators before proceeding in depth of conditional statements.
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